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Hello and welcome to Ashley Bergman Child & Family Therapy! Congratulations! You have taken the courageous first step to living a more fulfilling life by showing up today!

I realize that it often isn't easy for any of us to open up to someone we do not know, which is why building a healthy therapeutic relationship is so incredibly important to establish with any service provider. Building the therapeutic alliance as far as I am concerned, is THE MOST important first step in working effectively with every individual that comes through my door. Trust needs to be earned, and trusting a therapist and feeling comfortable to share freely, lays the imperative foundation for the therapeutic process to unfold for the "magic" to happen.

So here is a little bit about me, to start us both on this journey of getting to know one another!

As a child, I was fortunate to experience what it is like to go to summer camp, an experience which has really helped to shape me into the person I am today and along with life circumstances, led me to become a Social Worker. 

Camp allowed me the opportunity to foster my love and appreciation for nature, play and working with children.  As soon as I was of the age to, I became staff at a sleepover camp followed by a day camp, where I went on to work in a managerial role for five years. In this regard, I possess an extensive background working with children of differing ages, cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life and it all started in camp settings.  It was here where my passion to work with children grew immensely, and became increasingly apparent to those around me, but I wanted to do even more.

I found myself working closely with children who were acting out behaviourally, emotionally, having social difficulties, and even experiencing neglect and/or abuse in their homes. I witnessed children impacted by a variety of circumstances each and every day, and it was at this point in my life where I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in Social Work so that I could help these children, formally. 

And so I persued such a career and I am beyond thankful that I did. They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you do, and this couldn't be further from the truth for me. I absolutely love being a Social Worker and Child & Family Therapist, and could not imagine spending so much of my life doing anything else.

As a graduate of the Masters of Social Work program in the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, I specialize in working with Children and their Families. I have excelled in academia and Graduated with Distinction from both McMaster University as well as the University of Toronto. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology as well as a Bachelor of Social Work as well, both of which were obtained in tandem at McMaster University. 

I am committed to and engage in professional development and I am trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as Applied Suicide Intervention Skill’s Training (ASIST). In addition, I am a Triple P Positive Parenting Group Facilitator and have run such groups within the agency I work for. In addition, I operate from a Strengths Based perspective as well as incorporate Solution Focused Therapy into my everyday practice with those I work with and in my daily life. I have seen first hand, what is possible when we focus on solutions and capitalize on strengths to propel us forward in this life and many of those I have worked with have reported that this is what sets me apart from other therapists they have gone to in the past. 

Many children, youth and families that I have worked with have told me time and time again that they prefer this approach, because not everyone likes to delve into what for many, can be a painful past. It is however, sometimes needed and it is my responsibility to ensure that it is strategically done in a safe manner using a narrative approach. You are the expert in your own life and are the author of your story, and it is my job to come to understand your truth. Sometimes we need to know where we have come from to know where we are going, and I can help you draw the map to help you get there and build traction to do so.

I currently hold registration with the Ontario Association of Social Workers, the Ontario College of Social Worker’s, Golden Key International Honour Society as well as the Canadian Association of Child and Play Therapy. I have held these memberships in good standing for several years. 

I am bound my the ethics of my profession as laid forth by the Ontario College of Social Worker's and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW) which I uphold to the highest degree. I whole heartedly believe that those I work with have the right to self-determination and should have equal access to high quality therapy services that are evidenced based.

I have worked as a Social Worker in a variety of settings including long-term care, a children's rehabilitation hospital, a school board, teo child welfare agencies and I continue to work Full Time within the largest children's mental health agency in York Region.

For nearly 10 years, I have provided social work services to individuals, groups, children and families with a wide array of difficulties from birth and onwards. Service provision has included assessment, creation of individualized service plans, resource counselling, therapy, empowerment, advocacy as well as referrals to appropriate community agencies.

I have a lot of experience with, and continue to work with individuals impacted by anxiety, depression, school avoidance, poor self-esteem, trauma, divorce and separation, abuse, violence,  addiction, sexual identity difficulties, trauma, grief and loss, anger, ADD, ADHD, autism, acquired brain injury, adoption, as well as physical health issues.

Mental Health can often impact several members of a family and take a toll on parents, children and siblings. I have seen first hand just how complex circumstances can be and I feel so fortunate to be  entrusted by many to help strengthen families when it's needed the most. 

I have helped many parents whose children are exhibiting many of the challenges previously listed, because parenting can be extremely difficult to do when your child is not well. It can even feel as though you are barely getting by from day to day and lead to feelings of helplesslessness. I am here! Here to empower you to engage in self-care, set healthy limits, and can teach you how to empower your child to fulfil their dreams while assisting them to get well.

In addition to working with children, youth and families impacted by mental health, behavioural, social and emotional difficulties, I am also extremely passionate about reducing the impact of issues impacting First Nations Metis and Inuit (FNMI) individuals and families. I am able to incorporate traditional methods of healing into therapy sessions when requested and deemed appropriate, which may include the use of the medicine wheel teachings, smudging and incorporating nature into the therapeutic process. 

As a therapist, I operate from a Strengths Based perspective, where together we can discover and capitalize on your strengths throughout the therapeutic process. Even when you feel as though perhaps you are not good at anything, or do not possess strength or skills, you do! You have managed to get to this point, and so it is my job to help you realize what it is that has been working for you thus far, and minimize was has been working against you. Once we discover this, I can help you to build on those strengths to promote positive and meaningful change in your own life.

I am dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of those I work with throughout the process, and have devoted my life to this. I opened Ashley Bergman Child & Family Therapy because I was seeing all too often, the negative impact wait lists can have in the community for families who simply cannot afford to wait any longer to access support. I did so with the aim to help as many people as I can, WHEN they need it! As a mother, I cannot imagine my child needing support and having to wait for services, because time is precious, and children cannot afford to wait. 

Seeing those I work with meet their goals, increase their ability to cope and ultimately free themselves from the burdens that have held them back for years and even decades, is why I do this work. We ALL deserve to be happy and as well as possible.

Life is unpredictable and often times, things happen that we least expect and can take us completely off course. It can be exhausting and deflating trying to get back to the life we had before, and can even feel impossible. The good news is, I truly believe that we are all capable of increasing our ability to cope and know this to be true. We just need to learn additional ways to do so and when we do, and the curve balls of life are thrown at us, we are prepared and able to respond in a way that helps us thrive despite adversity.

Should you decide that I am a good fit for YOU, I would love nothing more than to be given the opportunity to assist you in meeting your individualized goals and dreams. I thank you in advance for taking some time to learn a little about me, my experience and all that I have to offer as a clinician. 

I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you, and I am here to arm you with the tools needed to thrive in this life so that you can live the most fulfilling life possible. You deserve nothing less.

Always remember, you are not alone


Please Note: I provide services throughout Simcoe County and York Region.


If your child is experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, peer issues, anxiety, school refusal behaviour, gender identity issues, sensory difficulties, anger, grief or loss (to name a few), I can help! Please contact me today and let's contract together a plan so that I can assist you and/or your child through the obstacles impacting their daily life and functioning as soon as possible. The earlier a child receives intervention and support, the more likely they are to thrive.  Let me help you set  your child up for success so that they can move freely through their adolescent and adult years! 


Are you struggling with poor self esteem, social difficulties, anxiety, depression, identity issues, grief, loss, peer issues, relationship difficulties or trauma (to name a few), I can help! In our therapy sessions, I will help provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles and assist you in working through whatever has brought you to seek support, in a safe and supportive way.  You can reach me via text message, email, or by telephone to request to book your FREE CONSULTATION, and we will go from there! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Is your family fighting all the time, or going periods of time in silence? Perhaps someone in your family isn't well and it is impacting your family functioning. It might be time to seek help from someone with the expertise to assist you and yours! Homelife and family life should be supportive, happy and filled with love, but this often is not the case. Navigating unhealthy family dynamics can be complicated, but this is my specialty as is improving family life! Contact me today and let me help you strengthen your communication and relationships within your family! 


If you’re looking for a safe space to strengthen your relationship with your spouse or partner, are seeking to improve communication or regain and/or build a healthy and meaningful relationship where you both feel heard and validated, this is the place for you both! Please allow me the opportunity to assist you and yours, you both deserve to be happy! Schedule an appointment TODAY! I am just a click or phone call away!


In my therapy sessions, we’ll work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior.  I will help you “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with valuable tools to cope and thrive despite adversity.  I’m confident you’ll find my personalized and solution focused approach beneficial and refreshing. Please do not hesitate to contact me, let's book your FREE CONSULTATION today!


Were you adopted and you and your biological family are looking to connect but neither of you know how to go about it? Or perhaps you placed a child up for adoption and have found them or they have found you, and you are unsure know how to proceed with a relationship. I am here! I can offer a safe space to reunite with your loved ones and assist you in navigating this new and unfamiliar territory as you build a relationship with your new found family. Contact me today to get the process started! We can't get time back that we have lost, but we can certainly make the most of the time we have remaining, together!

Be sure to inquire about our Video Therapy Sessions, Telephone Therapy Sessions and other E-Counselling Options, today!! It is the perfect option for individuals living a busy and hectic life to still ontain high quality therapy! Who said therapy can't be convenient and helpful?! At Ashley Bergman Child & Family Therapy, I make accessing support as user friendly as possible, because we all deserve to be our best selv


Please Note: I am a Registered Provider with Green Sheild, SSQ Insurance and Medavie Blue Cross and may be able to direct bill on your behalf if you are with any of these insurance providers.

If you are not with any of the above providers, all sessions are required to be paid for upfront prior to a therapy session whereby a detailed receipt will be provided to you for claim submission and/or personal record keeping. I accept Cash and Electronic Transfers for your convenience. All electronic transfers can be sent to A detailed receipt will be provided to you electronically. All payments are non refundable once received. Any and all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment will be required to be paid for in full and will not be refunded if previously paid.

Telephone Based Counselling Sessions for Individuals:

60 minute individual child, adolescent or adult therapy session-$130

90 minute individual child, adolescent or adult therapy session-$195

120 minute individual child, adoelscent or adult therapy session-$260

In Person Individual Therapy Session:

60 minute individual child, adolescent or adult therapy session-$150

90 minute individual child, adolescent or adult therapy session-$200 (save $25)

120 minute individual session-$260 (save $40)

180 minute individual therapy session-$390 (save $60)

Family Therapy Session:

60 minute family therapy session-$160

90 minute family therapy session-$220 (Save $20)

120 minute family therapy session-$280 (save $40)

180 minute family therapy session-$400 (save $80)

Money Saver Therapy Packages:

Individual Telephone or Video Therapy Packages

Five, 60 minute telephone or video sessions-$600 (save $50)

Five, 90 minute telephone or video sessions-$900 (save $75)

Five, 120 minute telephone or video sessions-$1200 (save $100)

Ten, 60 minute telephone or video sessions-$1200 (save $100)

Ten, 90 minute telephone or video sessions-$1800 (save $150)

Ten, 120 minute telephone or video sessions-$2400 (save $200)

Individual In Person Therapy Packages 

Five, 60 minute individual therapy sessions-$650 (save $100)

Five, 90 minute individual therapy sessions-$1025 (save $100)

Five, 120 minute individual therapy sessions-$1400 (save $100)

Ten, 60 minute individual therapy sessions-$1250 (save $250)

Ten, 90 minute individual therapy sessions- $2000 (save $250)

Ten, 120 minute individual therapy sessions-$2750 (save $250)

Family Therapy Packages 

Five, 60 minute family therapy sessions-$700 (save $100)

Five, 90 minute family therapy sessions-$1100 (save $100)

Five, 120 minute family therapy sessions-$1500 (save $100)

Ten, 60 minute family therapy sessions- $1350 (save $250)

Ten, 90 minute family therapy sessions-$2150 (save $250)

Ten, 120 minute family therapy sessions-$2950 (save $250)

Health Plan Coverage and Reimbursement

I am a Master's of Social Work (MSW), Social Worker, and to that end, your private health insurance company may reimburse you partially or fully for you to see a "Social Worker" or "MSW". Please check with your provider for details surrounding your coverage. I am a Registered Provider with Green Sheild, SSQ Insurance and Medavie Blue Cross and may be able to direct bill if  you are with any of these insurance providers (so long as your policy covers my services). If you are with a private insurance company that also requires your practitioner to be a registered provider in order to get reimbursed for service, please let me know upon requesting my services and I will apply yo become registered so that you and yours can access services.

First Nations, Metis, Inuit (FNMI) Coverage and Reimbursement:

If you are FNMI and/or have Status and/or are a registered Band member, you may qualify for services to be covered by the band to which you are a member. Please speak to your band directly to explore whether this is possible. I have submitted an application to become a Registered provider through INAC and NIHB, and hopefully in the near future can direct bill in this regard for indigenous individuals and/or families accessing my suppo

Social Work Experience


January 2010-May 2010

Social Worker in a Long Term Care Facility

September 2010-June 2011

School Based Social Worker

September 2011 - April 2012

Outpatient Social Worker In A Children's Rehabilitation


July 2012-January 2015

Child Protection Intake & Family Worker

September 2015-June 2016

0-6 Case Worker In a Children's Mental Health Agency

June 2016-Present

Child & Family Therapist in Day Treatment within a Children's Mental Health Agency.

Crisis Information & Resources


Kids Help Phone

If you are in crisis or in need of immediate assistance, you can contact Kid's Help Phone Toll Free 24/7 at 1 800 668 6868, or Text CONNECT to 68 68 68 from your mobile device, and a certified counsellor will assist you!

York Support Services Network

If you are in crisis or in need of immediate assistance, you can contact York Support Services Networks Community Crisis Response Team by dialing their Toll Free Number: 1 866 323 7785 (York Region) or 1 855 310 2673 (SImcoe County).

Local Emergency Department

If you are at risk of harming yourself or others, call 911 or go to your local emergency department lat the nearest hospital.

Youth Mobile Crisis Response Team Simcoe County

If you are under 17, are experiencing sadness, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, aggressive and threatening behaviour, OR if you have concerns about your teen who is under the age of 17, because they are  exhibiting disturbing or unusual behaviour, please contact the Crisis Line at: 1 888 893 8333

Assaulted Women's Helpline

If you are in Ontario, are a woman and have experienced abuse of any kind and are in need of support, please contact the 24/7  telephone helpline Toll Free at 1 866 863 0511.

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line

If you are feeling sad, distressed and are in need support, call the Hope for Wellness Help Line at 1 855 242 3310 (Crisis Line). Support is available in Cree, Ojibway, Inuktitut, English and French.

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